Thursday, March 13, 2008

Davis Family Biggest Loser

After getting married and changing jobs twice, I have unfortunately have gained way too much weight. After years of feeling disgusted over what I have become, I am finally done. Logan's family has come up with a friendly competition between each of us to see who can loose the most weight. I dont know if Lincoln's true ideas to invite the family were because we have all become a little lazy and over weight, or if it was just because he didn't want a bunch of fat brothers and sisters ruining his wedding photos this summer...but either way, we all need it.

The competition started on Saturday, March 8th. On Sunday evening, Logan and myself did a 30 minute step aerobic workout. I definately felt the burn after months of little to no physical activity and Logan worked up a good sweat (this was Logan's first admitted workout...ever!). On Monday morning I started the morning off by taking the boys out on a speed walk around the neighborhood twice. I know its not that big of a neighborhood but the boys are not very good at walking with out stopping every few steps to sniff a leaf and pee on it! We then proceeded back into the house and joined Logan for another step aerobic workout. Tuesday, a couple laps around the neighborhood with the boys. No aerobics today. It was our anniversary so I guess Logan didnt feel the need to work out. On Wednesday, the boys and I skipped the walking and went straight to running, three laps around the neighborhood.

Tuesday evening was our first weigh in. After only three days of eating better and working out, I lost 4lbs!!! That to me is incredible (and it blew away all other competitors). Logan lost 2lbs after only working out twice, and eventually giving up on dieting and working out. He is currently in second place. Not like its a good thing to admit but I weigh more than anyone else in his family, which means I have the most weight to loose. If I keep my mind on the ball and keep working out, I think I've got this competition in the bag baby!!! ;-)

Not only did I lose 4lbs in only a few days but I feel better. I have more energy, I am not tired at work and dont feel like I need to go to sleep the minute I get home from work. I wish I wouldn't have been this stupid two years ago when the weight started coming on. I changed from a job where I was on my feet 8 hrs a day to a job where I did nothing but sit behind a desk. Before I knew it, I had gained 60lbs. Everyone tells me that I dont look like I weigh as much as I do but either I hide it really well or people dont want to hurt my feelings. I just wish people would be honest!

My future goals....
1) I want to be able to run a marathon. Now I dont necessarily have the urge to run 26 miles & 385 yards, but I want to know that I can if I want to or the opportunity arises. I wouldn't mind running a half marathon though!
2) I want to look good again. I want a smokin' hot body (prob wont ever happen mentioning the fact that I have my fathers big bones), and I want to do it for Logan. I know Logan tells me that he thinks I am the most beautiful woman ever but that is the only thing keeping me going.
3) I want to be able to have kids. The doctors think I need to lose a little weight in order for me to get pregnant.
4) I want to be able to keep up with my kids, when and if we ever do have them.

So onto another day of eating right and working out. Feel the muscles burn and get off the couch! To anyone who is trying to lose weight, small steps go a long way. Do it now!!