Thursday, September 10, 2009

Better yourself

When I was younger I use to always wonder why tanning beds were such a big deal. I loved laying out in the sun, spending the day by the pool. I was always tan and remember people telling me that I was going to get skin cancer. I remember responding to people saying "At least I am going to die enjoying being outside and seeing what Heavenly Father and the Lord made for us to enjoy". I always promised that I would never be one of those women who went to the tanning bed religiously and had that fake bake look. And then I graduated from high school, started college and got a "real" job. I still found time to lay out between class and work, on the weekends, etc. After meeting my husband and working more, my skin saw less and less sun.
Before our wedding, I started using a tanning bed so I would look completely pail for our wedding. Well, I got addicted. Yes, I love being outside and would much rather spend my time that way, but I dont have any time. Since our wedding (three years ago), I have gone to a tanning bed twice. My skin has not seen the sun nor a "bulb" since then. Its been over two years. Yes, I have gone out and about, been at the lake but I cover up a lot more than I used to, when I didnt look the way I do now. With work, school, cooking, cleaning, a husband and two dogs, I dont have time to go lay by the pool for hours, and its WAY too HOT in Florida to just lay outside in the yard without having a hose nearby or being winter time. Our apartment complex has a tanning bed and I thought I would start taking advantage of it since its there. My complexion gets better and I overall feel better about myself when I look tanner.
In addition to tanning, we have started the Biggest Loser competition again. This time, I am more motivated and plan on doing a lot better than last time. On Monday, my brother Greg was talking about wanting to lose weight and get tone. Logan has recently started to do the "E" word (aka - exercise). BTW - he doesn't do the "E" word, and never really has. So they made a bet who could lose the most in the month of September. Then my mom decided to get in on the bet, then I wanted in on the action, next was my sister in law, and then my dad. So off we all go. We all weighed ourselves on one scale so it would be even and the same throughout the whole competition. When I checked my weight, I was already 10lbs lower than what I thought I was, or what I remember being the last time I weighed myself. Since then, I have lost an addition pound (remember, its only been three days). I had it in my mind weeks ago and have been trying to eat better, eat less, and exercise more. This family "competition" just makes me want to get at it more! I'll keep posting and updating my weight loss success story!

As an additional side note, it has been four days without a Soda, and most importantly, without Caffeine!