Saturday, August 29, 2009

Krafty Kelsey

I have decided I need to try to be more crafty recently. I have so many friends and family members who are pregnant that I decided I would start making Hooter Hiders (aka nursing aprons) for them. Here are a few pictures of a couple I have made. I really enjoy making them so if anyone reading this wants one or knows of someone who might be in need, I am current taking orders! ;-)

While out shopping about a month ago I came across an awesome saying, one of the vinyl rub-on wall sayings, that I absolutely had to have. Because we live in an apartment I didnt want to just paint it on the wall (which I normally would do cause I see my mom do it all the time), and this way it can be removed and even saved for our next place when we move again. My first thought about where to put the saying was to put it above our headboard....oh wait, we dont have a headboard! So, my creative mind started thinking. I went to the store, got 4 yards of fabric, three sheets of foam core board and went to town. The outcome of my creative attempt is below. Headboard, cute saying, and curtains (BONUS which I didnt have before either). Total cost for everything - approximately $28!