Monday, December 13, 2010

Long over due

Many people have wanted to ask but have yet to do so, except for the occasional few. I guess this post is at least a month over due. I have kept everyone waiting long enough. We did not get the baby as the mother decided to keep him, which is wonderful and great that she chose to do so. We are now trying to finish our home study and get all of our paperwork completed and then we wait for our special little one.

In the mean time, while waiting to be chosen to raise a beautiful baby I have managed to keep myself fairly busy. With work, school and a busy church calling I typically stay pretty busy but I decided to take on more, not necessarily all my choice though. Early to mid November we were presented an opportunity to help out some friends, and help ourselves at the same time, by renting their home that they have been unable to sell. So within a matter of a few days, we packed and moved into OUR FIRST HOME. I know, technically it is not "our home" but I can still dream.

I have been busy unpacking and decorating, which everyone knows I love to do (the decorating part, not the unpacking part). Logan has decided that his new favorite store is Lowe's, sorry Best Buy. He has purchsed new tools and made a workbench for the garage. Then he made me a new bookshelf for our office. I am telling you, this man has talent, and I am not saying that just because he is my husband...although it helps! ;-) I like my bookshelf so much Logan is letting me help him make a second one to go next to it.

The second one is getting stained tonight so I should have up pictures of the completed, decorated and in use bookshelves very soon!

I apologize for keeping the adoption news a suspense. Life is busy and hectic but that is one thing I will not keep to myself. When we get a baby, I will shout it to the world!!!