Friday, October 1, 2010

Our most recent update...

As many of you know, Logan and I are unable to have children. After four years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, I finally gave into the idea of not being able to have my own children. Okay, I haven't completely given in cause its a hard thing to accept, but I am okay with it. We met with LDS Family Services (Adoption agency through our church) back in April to start the process for adoption. We were so excited an anxious to meet with our caseworker, but we came out of the meeting a little overwhelmed at the thought of costs for the adoption. Still, we went home and filled out all our paperwork... And then we thought, because I was unemployed for over 9 months and burnt through most of our savings, we were afraid to turn in our paperwork. Yes, typically it takes months to years to get a baby, but knowing our luck, because we weren't prepared for it, we would turn in our paperwork and get a baby a few weeks later. So we put the signed paperwork aside and went on our way, trying to save up money for our future child.

Fast forward five months. It is now September, things are going really well and I am feeling truly blessed. I am sitting in Primary assisting the children, teachers, and leaders and Logan walks in and mentions something to me. Due to the noise and chaos as well as a few children pulling on my dress asking me questions, I didn't quite hear what he said. Once things calmed down a little I turned to him and asked him to finish what he was saying, although I didn't hear what he said the first time. "... She knows someone who is pregnant", we got interrupted again. I remember thinking, so what, there are pregnant women everywhere! He continued once our conversation could resume again, "She is looking for someone to adopt her baby!" I got chills and was instantly excited but I didn't fully hear everything he said so I patiently waited, finished dismissing the children, answered everyones questions, grabbed my things in a hurry and ran out the door. The minute the car doors closed I turned to Logan and asked him to explain, from the beginning. I was so thankful for the peace and quiet in the car at that moment.

Logan was approached by our Bishop (thats what we call our Preacher for all of you who do not go to our church). A member of our church approached him and said she needed help. She had a dear friend whose daughter is pregnant. She had an adoptive family in place for her baby, but that adoptive family had changed their minds and no longer wants the baby. This friend turned to this sister in our church and asked her to take the baby. She said she is unable to do that but that she would find someone to take the baby. The bishop gave her our information as well as the information to LDS Family Services.

The minute we walked in the house I ran to find our signed paperwork so we could ensure it was filled out and get it sent in as soon as possible. It takes some time to get home studies done and interviews completed. Shortly after we looked through our paperwork we received a call from my mother. She needed to come over to sit and talk with us. UH OH! Either we did something wrong or she has the same information we did. My mother came and sat in the chair, holding a little card and began to tell the same story to us, but straight from the sister from our church. PHEW, we weren't in trouble! ;-) This sister spoke with my mother after church and gave her some information and her business card so we could talk with her. Shortly after my mom left we called her and got some information. We found out that the birth mother is expecting a little boy, and that he is due Nov. 7th!!! HOLY COW, that is soon! I dont know about my husband but I was instantly overwhelmed with excitement and fear. Can we get the money together in one month? Can we get all the things we need to bring a baby home? What about finishing our home study and interviews? OH MY!!!

The next day I was completely out of it. So out of it that when I went to get in the car to drive to work I got in the passenger side of the car and sat there for a moment. I realized my husband was not getting into the car to take me to work, as he had to work himself, so I decided I better crawl across the seat and get on my way before I was late to work. I couldn't think all day. There were things that needed to be done, paperwork that needed to be mailed, appointments to be made, etc., and I was stuck at work. Finally, time to go home. We had a voicemail from the sister from our church so I called her the minute I got in my car. There was an update. The birth mother is currently sitting on the fence and is unsure if she still wants to place the baby up for adoption. Both her mother and grandmother are trying to convence her to give the baby up. Grandma, who was adopted, said that the best thing her biological parents could do was to love her enough to give her up for adoption, to have a better life. We are still waiting to hear more updates.

We contacted our caseworker and she informed us that it may be possible to complete all the interviews and the home study in the month we have remaining, but that it would be like a 2nd full time job for both of us. So we are off.... The race to beat the clock has already started. All of our paperwork has been completed and turned in and doctors appointments have been set. Now we wait for the next steps and we continue to pray. Pray that the birth mother will choose the decision that is best for her baby. And pray that everything will work out how it is suppose to. Whether we get this baby or not, it will be nice to have everything done and complete so that when the next adoption opportunity arises, we will be ready. And our last task, get $5,500 over the next month to ensure we are ready for this baby!