Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pet peeves...

I feel like I am driving all the time. Drive to work, drive to church, drive to meetings, drive to the store... It's a never ending battle that I admit, I used to enjoy. That was before I started driving behind stupid people. I use to enjoy my relaxing commute to and from work, but now I feel like I look like this more often then not: I have been thinking about writing this post for quite sometime, but I keep adding to the list of my driving pet peeves...and I don't ever think that list will be complete. I honestly think that the state needs to enforce people to take the driving test every time a license is to be renewed. After seeing how people drive I can imagine how many people wouldn't be on the road.... Ah, what a great thought! I have composed a list below of a few important things everyone should know before driving...

1) Roundabouts: Yield and enter the roundabout when there is a space for your vehicle and do not stop until after you have exited. This means that you are not to enter the roundabout and stop at every street to let out everyone else waiting for a space for their car. There are people behind you trying to get home, or to work, or to get their screaming child to the doctor, etc.2) 4 way stop: Everyone must come to a complete stop when at this sign. Whomever was the first to the sign proceeds through the intersection first. If you and someone else got there at the same time, you yield to the person on your right. If there is someone on your left and no one on your right....that means YOU GO FIRST. Don't wave the person to your left and tell them to go first. You are messing up everyone and making them forget how to use a 4 way stop. Also, the person with the largest or most expensive car DOES NOT GO FIRST, unless they were at the intersection first. 4 way stops aren't that confusing people...
3) Lane Ends - Merge: This means your lane is ending and you need to merge into the other lane NOW. This does not mean speed up as fast as you can and try to squeeze your SUV into a spot intended for something the size of a 4 wheeler, then curse at someone for not letting you in and almost forcing you to hit their car.
4) Cell Phones: I am one of those that is big about not using your cell phone while driving. I have a bluetooth vehicle that allows me to talk on my phone without having to touch my phone. I have seen way too many people driving along, swerving from lane to lane because they think it is more important to read the latest FB update or email than save the lives of them, their passengers, and the people around them (my husband and father are two people on the road that cant wait until they stop or get home to read the email they just received). I fully believe that someone needs to come out with a vehicle that disables all functions of a phone, other than the phone feature itself, while a vehicle is in drive. 5) Interstate: I think this one is my biggest issue since I am on the interstate at least 2 times a day. When you are merging onto the interstate, you are to be going the speed limit of the interstate or close to it. FYI - For anyone who didn't know, the speed limit on I-75 throughout the Gainesville area is 70mph (you have been informed). This means everyone needs to be going at least 65mph by the time they hit the interstate. This will help all the people behind you as well as the people currently driving on the interstate to not have to stop or swerve to ensure they do not hit you. I like to think of the on ramp to the interstate in a few different ways.
a) A airport tarmac - The state provides you with ample space to increase your speed to "take off" on the interstate. There is no need to be going 40mph after almost a mile of ramp space.
b) The drive-in scene from Back to the Future 3 - Doc: "All you have to do is drive the time vehicle directly towards that screen, accelerating at 88mph."
Marty: "Wait a minute Doc! If I drive straight towards that screen I am going to crash into those Indians."
Doc: "Marty, you aren't thinking fourth dimensionally. You will instantly be transported to 1885 and those Indians won't even be there."
Marty: "Right....!"
If people would just drive towards the screen (of cars on the interstate), accelerating toward 70mph (since 88mph is breaking the law), they will be transported (able to merge) right in line with the Indians (vehicles) and it won't even be a problem.
Problem solved!!!!

Oh, if only there were no stupid drivers!

But then again, if everyone drove perfectly we wouldn't have people like this to laugh at....